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4 Pillars of Longevity of Life

The longevity of life can mean many things.

To some, the longevity of life means to live a “long time” – whatever a “long time” means to the individual. To some, it means health and a healthy lifestyle as you age. To others, it might mean “anti-aging.” Whatever your definition might be, living a long and healthier life does not just happen one day. You must be the driver. You must take 100% responsibility for your health, your lifestyle, and your mental state.

Longevity begins with having a goal. What age do you want to live to, and how do you want your life to be at that age? If you have not thought about this concept, reading my blogs will help you develop your thoughts and goals.

Everyone has an age they think they will die. Maybe it is based on how old your parents were when they died. You have a say in how you live those years. How are you going to continue to be active and live out the kind of life you have imagined?

As you get older, you must devote more time, energy, and resources into maintaining the ideal life. Start planning to have those resources available.

Here are my 4 pillars, or bodies of content, on the longevity of life. They are diet, fitness, beauty, and mind/spirit. My blogs are categorized into these four areas.


Diet is more than just what you eat. It includes your weight, blood pressure, blood sugar, disease, alcohol, organics, GMOS, and gut health. You don’t have to be a health food nut or avoid your favorite foods to have a healthy diet. But, if you think a daily diet of fast food will get you living a healthy life to 100, well, you might want to rethink that idea. Your diet is the fuel you give your body to perform. What type of fuel are you putting in your body?


Fitness includes movement, posture, exercise, and sleep. Posture is so important. You probably have a picture in your mind of how an “old” person walks and carries themselves – head forward, shoulders hunched forward, maybe a bump in the upper back with their eyes looking down at the ground as they walk. Nothing screams “old” like our posture. Posture is one part of fitness. Fitness also includes cardiovascular fitness and weight-bearing exercises. Your fitness regimen should include all 3 aspects of fitness. With fitness, you also need recovery.


We all want to look great as we age. Beauty includes all content related to how to look great without harming your body. It includes skin, hair, nails, wardrobe, and image. When you look great you feel great!


The mind is a very important and often overlooked aspect of longevity. The mind drives our actions. Everything starts with a thought. Every building, business, and behavior starts with a thought. Mind includes thoughts, prayers, self-image, faith, purpose, beliefs, and environment.

I don’t advocate a “bucket list.” Why? Because as you check off those items, you are telling yourself life is coming to an end. What happens when everything on your bucket list is done? You have nothing else left to do. You tell your body and mind it is time to die. Have a constant and never-ending list of goals you are striving to accomplish. Never finish. This is especially important after you have left a “normal” 9 to 5 career. My mother worked for the same company for 58 years. The company forced her to retire at 80 and refused to give her any kind of job. She died less than 2 years after retirement. Having goals and a purpose to get up each and every day and creating your own longevity of life is mandatory.

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