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6 Ways to Put on Your Armor of God

In today’s environment, it can feel like we are going to battle every day, so much so that we need an Armor of God getting through it.

We are bombarded by messages, both good and bad. Text messages expect you to instantly respond. There is pressure to perform at work and to be present at home. The Bible tells us to put on the armor of God. Read Ephesians 6:10 through 18 and see if this describes your day!

Below are 6 examples of ways you can put on your Armor of God. You don’t have to do all 6 each day. Choose one. Then, when that one becomes a habit, add another. I think you will find your day will be much less stressful.

#1 – Get Up Early

Get up before the sun rises. Jesus got up early and went to communicate with God. If it is good enough for Jesus, there must be something to it. Our bodies were made to rise before the sun and to work for the day when the sun was up. Think farm schedules.

#2 – Hydrate

Hydrate your body first thing after you wake up. Your body has been at rest, hopefully for 8 hours, and now it needs hydration to signal to the body to break its fast.

#3 – Meditation and/or Prayer

Take up to 20 minutes to sit quietly, close your eyes, and reflect inward. Make a connection with your Creator. Quiet your mind and your body. See if you can sit totally still for 20 minutes.

#4 – Read

Read the Bible or other inspirational books. I like the daily, chronological Bible. I love the understanding of the chronological aspect of the Bible. You might also enjoy an author who inspires you.

#5 – Review Goals

You might like to journal each day. Visualize your goals already accomplished. This puts your day in perspective and helps keep you motivated on a daily basis.

#6 – Protein for Your Armor of God

Yes, protein. The first meal of the day needs to include protein. Protein will keep you satiated for the morning hours.

Also, don’t check social media or emails until after you have put on your Amour of God but you’ll need before looking at any electronic messages.

If you do not have a morning routine, choose just one of the above and make that one a habit. After one becomes a habit, add another. Making a morning routine a habit is essential. Waking up in the morning and thinking about what you are going to do that morning will not work.

You need a routine – an unconscious routine. That is why your Armor of God is so powerful.

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