Kosher for Gentiles Speaker Inquiries

Deborah Poland is an avid health marketing message investigator.  We are bombarded daily with marketing messages on diet, nutrition, and health. Most of which have little or basis on reality. 

She uses reason, conscious, and ultimately the Bible to evaluate many health claims made by many products and diets on the market today. 

Our creator gave us a playbook to teach us how to live a long and healthy life. Everything we need to know about health and longevity is found in this perfect playbook…the Bible. 

Deborah has a graduate certification in Nutrition from Liberty University; she’s an ACE certified Personal Trainer; and has a doctoral degree in self-education. 

Deborah is known for her common sense and practical advice you can apply to your lifestyle immediately.  

Kosher for Gentiles Speaker Opportunities
with Deborah Poland Include Topics Such As:

Do you believe in food?

  • Why diets don’t work but changing your belief in food, does
  • What should Jews be telling Baptists since they’re 1% obese compared to Baptists who are 30%
  • How going to church just once a week can increase your chance of obesity by 50%

Where does longevity begin?

  • Longevity begins on your plate
  • Discover if  your diet is a generational curse 
  • How to never count calories, points, or be on a diet again. Just eat what your Creator intended

What did Jesus Eat?

  • The answer is Kosher! Through Kosher for Gentiles, you’ll learn how you can eat like Jesus, too. 
  • How you can live spiritually and physically as one
  • Learn ancient Biblical wisdom combined with scientific proof


Learn the 10 Commandments of Health
and Longevity

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