Kosher for Gentiles Coaching

The Kosher for Gentiles 4-session program is designed to make you aware of why your health is vital to your overall well-being and the steps you can take now. 

What to Expect from the Kosher for Gentiles Coaching Program

  • I coach clients the Biblical-bases of what to eat
  • How to begin and stick to a food journal
  • How to change a bad habit into a good one
  • Learn how to pay attention to where you eat and your feelings about eating
  • How to control your environment
  • Discovering how your food sources, such as Man-made vs God-made, pertain to your diet
  • Creating and maintaining a longevity lifestyle
  • Exercise myths and facts¬†
  • Your weekly food plan

Ready to Start Your Journey?


Learn the 10 Commandments of Health
and Longevity

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