What does the Bible say about your diet?

Our Creator gave us a playbook to teach us how to live a long and healthy life.  

Kosher for Gentiles will shed light on the Biblical secrets of health and wellness.

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Maintaining adequate levels of energy, nutrients, movement and rest for optimal health.


Balancing different food groups, and consuming foods in the right proportion.


Focussing on creating a diet that is nutrient dense without being high in calories.


Exploring a varied diet that provides all the nutrients necessary for good health

Deborah Poland

I like to think of myself as an adventurer—a health-care adventurer! Throughout my journey of looking for just the right diet, the right exercise, or the right skin care product, I found myself always coming back to the playbook written by the Creator, the Bible.
I have been obsessed with learning how you can live a vibrant life for a long time. In 2007, I made a goal to live until 120. In the book of Genesis, our Creator tells us we have a window of 120 years to live. I believe it is up to us to decide how we live those years. Will we take advantage of those years and live them to the fullest?

Deborah Poland

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