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God’s Dietary Laws Revealed: What is a Kosher Diet?

Why should non-Jews care about kosher diet?

I believe all mankind, especially Christians, should care and study the dietary laws God gave the Israelites. If something goes wrong with an appliance or a device, we open up the owner’s manual and read about how to fix it. There are monumental problems with our diets, so why not open the owner’s manual, the one written by our Creator, to learn how to fix the problem?

Kosher is associated with how Jews eat. Moses was given dietary laws from God for the Israelites to follow in the desert. The Israelites had been slaves in Egypt for over 400 years. God taught them how to live (and eat) as a free people. If this was the diet God gave to the Israelites, then what can we learn from looking at these guidelines for eating?

The word “kosher” is an adjective that means fit, acceptable, or appropriate. A kosher diet would be a diet appropriate and acceptable to our Creator.

Why should we follow kosher diet laws?

Here are the statistics: A 2006 Purdue study found that 30% of Baptists were obese while only 1% of Jews were obese. In 2011, Northwestern University found that if you attended church once a week, you were 50% more likely than the general public to be obese. Obviously, gentiles have missed the dietary commands of God. It looks like we can learn something from the Jews!

Don’t believe in God?

Even if you do not believe in God, these kosher guidelines are natural laws that have worked for thousands of years. It is like gravity. You may not believe in gravity, but that does not mean it does not work.

What makes food kosher?

Kosher food means the food is sold, cooked, prepared, or eaten to satisfy the requirements of the Jewish laws. You might see food in a grocery store that has the kosher certification seal. I am not talking about changing your diet to matzo ball soup or cream cheese and lox bagels. I am saying we should eat food that God made for us that follows the guidelines He set out.

Curious about kosher?

Trust me for a while. Go with me on the journey of exploring God’s dietary laws and how science has proven these natural laws to be a healthy diet for today.

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