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Leave Me in the Camp!

The Old Testament has many accounts of plagues and pandemics. While tens of thousands died during these plagues, God showed Moses how to deal with infected and sick people. Considering there were neither hospitals nor state-of-the-art drugs, you might wonder how the human race survived.

These rules of the Bible did not discriminate between young and old, male or female, or any other group. As a million Israelites moved through the desert, they lived in very close quarters – or “the camp,” as it was called.

Who was quarantined from the camp?

Leviticus 13:46

As long as they have the disease, they remain unclean. They must live alone; they must live outside the camp.

How long is the quarantine?

The initial period is 7 days.

Leviticus 13:50

The priest is to examine the affected area and isolate the article for seven days.

Then, another 7 days.

Leviticus 13:54

He shall order that the spoiled article be washed. Then he is to isolate it for another seven days.

After the quarantine from the camp, the infected person must wash – or disinfect – themselves before the priest allow the person to move back into the camp.

You might be wondering by now, what is the point?

My point is –

Why am I in quarantine if I am not sick? And, why after 14 days of quarantine, am I being asked to be on indefinite quarantine when I am still not sick? Does an unlimited quarantine work?

What we know from the Bible is that every time the people were fearful, they were defeated.

The Bible tells us that any time a group of warriors going to battle were fearful, you can bet they lost the battle. Likewise, the Bible tells you that if any group going against the Israelites feared the Israelites, they were done – lost, defeated.

Most other nations were fearful of the Israelites because of the Israelites’ God. They feared the God everyone knew was protecting the Israelites.

I am not a doctor, and I am not pretending to give medical advice. But, I do read the Bible and try my best to learn the lessons God has documented for our use. Fear is a powerful emotion. It affects your actions.

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