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Macy’s Caves to Animal Rights

Last week I took my annual trip to Macy’s Fur Vault.

The Fur Vault at Macy’s is a staple for fur coat owners.  They not only sell furs, but they take care of them.  They treat the furs, do repairs, and would even take the fur and make a different item.  It is “the place” for the fur owner.

Yes, I own a fur coat.  My beloved mother left me a beautiful short fur jacket.  The first few years after she passed, I would look at the fur in my closet and wonder if I was ever going to wear it.  Then, one winter was unbearably cold.  I took the coat out and wore it with my jeans.  Everyone commented on how lovely the coat was and I felt pretty wearing jeans and a fur coat.  After some time I came to love wearing the fur and especially loved being warm!

I was never against anyone who wanted to wear fur.  I think everyone should be able to choose whether they want to wear fur or not.  Let’s face it – God made the first fur apparel.  After Adam and Eve partook of the tree of life, God killed an animal for a sin sacrifice and then took the skin and made Adam and Eve clothes.  Throughout the Bible, animal skins were used as clothing as well as housing and other daily uses.  I know God did not have an issue with animal skins used for clothing.

When I picked up my fur coat this year at Macy’s, the salesperson told me Macy’s would be closing The Fur Vault this year.  She said Macy’s was under pressure from animal rights organizations so they were closing.  Even the salesperson thought the idea was crazy.  She pointed out Macy’s would still be selling leather coats, just not fur.

I am all out for treating animals with respect and kindness.  After all, God made the animals before mankind.  But let’s look at the everyday examples of animal cruelty.

I live in a very small townhouse attached to two neighbors on either side.  One neighbor has a dog.  The dog barks constantly, but the neighbor works 10 hour days and never knows how much her dog barks.  She packed her car and left, without her dog, on Wednesday before Thanksgiving.   I watched as a dog walker arrives twice a day to take the dog out for 5 minutes.  For me, this is animal cruelty.

The way most cows are raised and slaughtered is inhuman.  The horrors of the meatpacking industry were brought to light in a book called The Jungle by Upton Sinclair.  Why do you think they pump antibiotics into cows?  Read The Jungle and you will understand why massive antibiotics are important.  We allow all this to happen, just so we can have cheap hamburgers.  This is animal cruelty.

Let’s take a look at what we feed our pets.  Marketing ads tell us that your dog is really a wolf in your dog’s skin.  The ads tell us your dog craves meat.  And your cat is actually a tiger in your cat’s skin and they too crave meat.  Wild animals are the only animals that crave meat and eat other animals for food.  Domesticated livestock does not crave meat and eatS plants.  When did you see a herd of cows in the pasture eating each other instead of the grass?  Around 20 billion pounds of meat and meat by-products are used in pet food each year.  Want to talk about global warming?  We kill a significant number of animals for food for our pets.  This is animal cruelty.

Please don’t think I am against animal rights organizations.  I stand for treating all animals for kindness and respect.  They are God’s creatures.  God also gave us free will and the right to choose.  Some people believe the government gives you “rights”.  If the government gives you rights, then they can take them away.  I am saddened when a small group of people takes away the free choice of another group of people.

Why does an animal rights organization have the right to take away my free choice of purchasing and wearing fur?  It does not!  Shame on Macy’s for caving to the pressure of a load, small group of people.  Corporations today do not have a spine to stand up for all people.

Before you personally get caught up in the “noise”, take a step back and look at the whole of an issue.  Be able to explain why you take a stand on issues.  Practice by explaining to your friends why you feel a certain way.  Let them question you and challenge you.  It will either reinforce your view or make you think another way.  Both are good.

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