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Looking for a Coach This Year?

2020 felt like a year when we were not required to make decisions. In 2020, it seemed like our decisions were always being made for us. With the flip of the calendar, 2021 is filled with hope that we once again can make decisions for ourselves.

Life is filled with decisions, and those decisions have consequences. Some decisions are short-term decisions with immediate consequences, like what I choose to eat for dinner tonight. The decision you make can make you feel good or make you feel terrible for the short term. Other decisions have long-term consequences, like what job to take or where to live. We often seek advice for these decisions that have long-term effects.

Where to find a coach?

It seems like everyone is a coach today. You can take a course on how to be a coach. But, decisions regarding your life have long-term consequences for you, not the “coach.” There are important decisions. Be very careful with whom you listen to.

You can search your social media, such as LinkedIn, to find a coach. These can sometimes come with testimonials from clients. You can also do a Google search. My personal preference is a referral from a trusted source.

You also need to think about whether you want to meet with someone personally or whether you are okay with only virtual meetings.

How to choose a coach

First, be very clear on your objectives. What kind of counsel are you looking for? Looking at professional athletes, you will see they have a coach for all different aspects of their life. They may have a diet coach, a fitness coach, a money coach, a specific skill coach, etc. Be clear on what area you are looking for and choose someone with expertise in that area.

Think about your selection criteria. Do you want someone local who can meet with you in person once a week? Maybe you are okay with virtual meetings, but you want a check-in every week.

Acknowledge there is an accountability component to coaching. Wise counsel is great, but if it does not get implemented you have wasted your time and money. Make sure you are ready and willing to implement actions, once you are comfortable with the recommendations.

The most important criteria

The most important and most crucial coach selection criteria is that you and the coach have the same worldview. You might be asking why this is so important, or you may wonder if it is too personal of a question to ask. The answer is no. It should be the first question you ask. If they do not want to answer, then move on.

Let me explain. If you have a worldview that includes the existence of God and the belief that the Bible is God’s word, then you would not want a coach with the opposite worldview. What would happen if the coach suggested actions that you knew were contrary to God’s word? That would not be a good situation.

Key passage: 1 Kings 12:1-15

In this passage, King Rehoboam consults two groups for advice on how to run the kingdom. He first seeks advice from the elders who had served his father King Solomon. Then he consults with his young male friends. He decides to go with the advice of the young men. How do you think that worked out for him?

Seeking advice from someone with the same worldview is essential to having peace with the decisions you make. A God-believing coach should be living by the rules they prescribe. They also should be basing their advice on God’s word and not on their own thinking.

Lastly, always check your own spirit before making a decision, no matter who has recommended an action. Ultimately, it is your life.

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